lancaster_products_lab_mixers_setupAt Lancaster Products, we’ve been busy renovating our in-house materials processing laboratory, literally from floor to ceiling.   Equipment upgrades and the addition of a production-sized mixer were implemented to provide customers with a more complete and accurate representation of their end product.  The result has been a lab schedule that is busier than ever, and customers are excited with our ability to produce more variety and higher volumes of samples.

We always encourage customers to bring (or send) their materials to our lab in Lebanon, Pennsylvania for process testing because we feel the customer experience we deliver up-front is representative of the quality and support you can expect long-term. All customers work alongside our team of engineers and technical specialists with a total of more than 30+ years of experience in mix development and optimization, who will offer suggestions for real-time test adjustments, binder alternatives, scale-up options, and more.  Ultimately, on-site testing offers the perfect opportunity to see and operate our equipment first-hand and experience just how easy it is to operate.

Most testing falls into two categories shown below, both of which we are equipped to facilitate.  In addition to product samples, customers can expect to leave our facility with a lab report outlining the testing, results, and defined processes.

  • Proof-of-Concept testing to determine product viability
    1. Demonstrate our technology and testing methodology.
    2. Apply our methods in test batches using the customer’s materials.
    3. lancaster_products_materials_testing_lab

    4. Strategically manipulate our technology to prove that our product can deliver the customer’s desired end results.
    5. Typically requires 1-day of tests
  • Product/Process Development testing
    1. Further develop existing processes.
    2. Experiment and test with multiple mixture variables to produce the best possible combination of product yield, cycle time, and added material consumption.
    3. Typically requires 2-3 days of tests

In addition to our K1 Lab Mixer, we’ve installed a K-3.5 Mixer with a larger production capacity, allowing us to provide a wider range of testing services including prototype runs, small production runs, and ‘scale-up’ runs.  A small-sample fluid bed dryer is now available for drying and post-processing which results in samples that are more representative of their final end-product.  A rotary drum dryer, particularly important for testing fertilizer end-product production, is also planned for installation shortly.  While customers commonly take samples back to their own lab for further analyses, the addition of a new digital microscope allows for initial on-site analysis immediately upon process completion.

Our decades of experience working with a variety of materials across diverse industries is instrumental in helping our customers overcome complexities to produce economically viable end-products.  Application testing provides the opportunity for the customer to witness the ability of our mixers to accomplish the task at hand.

Contact Us to schedule a visit to our materials processing lab.