Part 4 of a 4-part blog series: “Enhanced Mix-Granulation in a Single Machine

Download the Full ArticleThe precision mixing and granulation of mineral and organic fertilizer ingredients are essential to meet growing market demand for high-value, complex crop fertilizers. Furthermore, the ability to mix and granulate in a single machine offers fertilizer manufacturers both operational and product quality advantages over traditional granulation methods.  Click Here to download the complete article in pdf format as published by BCInsight Ltd in Fertilizer International May|June 2022, issue 508, pp. 34-37.


Batch processing of complex fertilizers offers both greater product accuracy and high yield outputs. The other key advantages of a batch process are recipe optimization and mix homogeneity. In fact, there are no real downsides because – with a continuous batch configuration – these important benefits can be realized simultaneously with the consistent throughput and high production rates of a continuous production line.

A continuous batch processing system (Figure 1) is configured sequentially as follows:

  • The process begins with pre-weighed raw materials and binders
  • These are delivered to the mixer via a weigh hopper
  • The high shear mixer runs through a dry mix, a wet mix and then continues to a granulation cycle
  • The material is then discharged from the mixer to a conveyor or table feeder – this converting the batch process into a continuous flow of materials
  • Parallel lines for redundancy, or systems with multiple mixers, can also be utilized to increase output capacities.

Rapid growth in worldwide agriculture markets is driving up demand for complex fertilizers. This increasing requirement for products with specific and/or novel ingredient formulations means fertilizer producers are in urgent need of efficient and flexible granulation techniques. Simplifying the fertilizer granulation process, while simultaneously increasing throughput and lowering costs, all contribute to delivering high value fertilizer products to customers, at increased profitability. Advanced technologies such as mix-granulation offer fertilizer manufacturers opportunities to achieve these objectives – by combining high shear, counter-current mixing with continuous batch processing.

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