Lancaster Product high shear mixers blend materials into a homogenous mixture

Choose Lancaster Products High-shear mixers for Superior Homogenization.

Lancaster K-Series Mixers excel at rapid and uniform mixing of dissimilar powders.

Effective Homogenization

At Lancaster Products, we take pride in our solution for delivering homogeneity, achieved through our high-shear counter-current mixers. Our mixers are specially designed to rapidly homogenize bulk powders, even those with varying particle sizes and densities, completing some dry mixing operations in as little as 30 seconds.

Lancaster Mixing Advantage

Our high-shear counter-current mixers employ a unique counter-current mixing action, with the mixing rotor and pan rotating in opposite directions. This efficient approach focuses a tremendous amount of energy into the mix allowing for uniform distribution of ingredients into the mix. By strategically adjusting the speeds of the mixing tools, we can further enhance the homogenization process, ensuring a consistently mixed product in a short cycle time.

Lancaster Products Benefits:

  • Rapid mix cycle times for both mixtures and granule production
  • Repeatable and programmable recipes
  • Homogeneous mixing of multiple powders with vastly different densities
  • Works with difficult-to-mix materials
  • Complete dispersion of a minor component(s) into a major component(s)
  • Complete dispersion of the minimum amount of moisture needed to densify a material or mixture for safe handling
  • Homogeneous mixing of multiple powders for granulating complex pellets
  • Homogenous mixing and (if desired) granulation happen in the same machine

Lancaster Products high-shear counter-current mixers:

  • Ensure every part of the mixed product contains the same composition and properties to meet quality standards and deliver products that perform reliably.
  • Enhance overall quality with a uniform distribution of ingredients that prevents inconsistencies or variations.
  • Ensure homogenous mixes for specific application needs (continue reading below for a list of examples)
  • Save time and resources in the production process by reducing the need for rework or adjustments, streamlining manufacturing operations, and increasing productivity.
  • Minimize waste by ensuring that all materials are incorporated effectively.
  • Reduces the risk of costly errors or product defects, ultimately contributing to cost savings in the long run.


  • Glass: ​​Glass frit, colorant addition, specialty glass mixtures
  • Ceramics: Abrasives, clay, proppants, ferrites
  • Building Materials: Cement, Concrete, Ultra-High-Performance Concrete
  • Fertilizers: Mineral and Organic
  • Carbon Black: Recovered carbon black, Batteries & Electronics, and Coatings
  • Refractory: Mixtures, Putties, and Brick Compound for lining & insulation
  • Foundry/Molding Sand