Lancaster Products high-intensive mixers provide superior mixing with the convenience of one-step mix-granulating for a wide range of applications and materials.

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Lancaster counter-current mixing action is the most effective mixing technique for consistent uniformity, homogeneity and rapid mix time.

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Lancaster Products high-intensity K-series mixers can mix and pelletize or granulate in a single machine in a single operation.

Using our proprietary mixing knowledge and technology, Lancaster Products high intensity K-series mixers use a counter current rotating pan and high energy rotor to mix and granulate or pelletize in a single machine.

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Achieve Batch Precision with Steady-State Throughput

The Lancaster Products Continuous Batch Processing (CBP) System design offers the accuracy, consistency and higher yields of batch processing with high production rates of a continuous line.

The CBP System is also capable of feeding multiple lines with mixed or pelletized product from the Lancaster Mixer.

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Lancaster Products K-Series Mixers combine superior mixing quality with the convenience of one-step mix-granulation.

  • Counter-Current mixing technology
  • Multi-tool mixing: rotating pan, high speed rotor, plow
  • Homogenize /Granulate /Densify – all in one machine
  • Faster Mixing
  • Higher on-size yields
  • Repeatable batches
  • Works with a variety of materials – from powders to slurries to high viscosity mixes
  • Independently controlled mixing tools for custom mix designs
  • Continuous batch processing systems

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High Shear Mixer

Lancaster Mixers feature a counter-current mixing action that results from a multi-tool mixing design.

The counter-current action occurs when the pan rotates in one direction, while the mixing tools rotate in the other. The rotating pan conveys material to the counter-rotating, primary mixing rotor, secondary mixing plows, and side wall scraper. Mixing tools are strategically placed to promote maximum material interface and leaving no dead zones. The plow also aids in material discharge when mixing is complete.

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Lancaster Products combines decades of mixing experience, working across multiple industries, with the finest granulating and pelletizing mixer technology.Our line of high shear counter-current mixers can:

  • Mix and pelletize in the same operation, supplanting the need for multiple pieces of mixing and pelletizing equipment in a process.
  • Rapidly homogenize multiple ingredients with majors in a mix resulting in higher quality products and reduced reaction times.
  • Mix and granulate bulk material in a variety of industries including building materials, high performance ceramics, fertilizers, flat panel glass, refractory and recycling of waste materials.

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We make high-throughput industrial mixing machines for customers in industries as diverse as ceramics, glass, refractories, and proppants. Our engineers and manufacturing team design, build and support our line of high-throughput material processing equipment to your specific requirements.