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Get More Uniformity with Counter-Current Mixing

Our proprietary counter-current mixing technology is the most effective mixing technique for consistent uniformity, homogeneity, and rapid mix time. This multi-tool mixing technology consists of a rotating pan, high-speed rotor, and plow that works with a variety of materials, from powders to slurries to high-viscosity mixes, and allows for:

  • Homogenizing / Granulating / Densifying – all in one machine
  • Faster Mixing
  • Repeatable batches
  • Independently controlled mixing tools for custom mix designs

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Granulate or Pelletize with a Single Machine

Lancaster Products high-intensity K-series mixers use a counter-current rotating pan and high-energy rotor to rapidly mix and pelletize or granulate in a single machine in a single operation.

  • Reduce the need for multiple pieces of mixing and pelletizing equipment. Our high shear mixers can do both in a single operation.
  • Higher on-size yields compared to traditional mixing and pelletizing equipment.
  • K-series mixers are the ideal solution to mix and granulate bulk material for various industries including building materials, ceramics, fertilizers, and more.

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Achieve Batch Precision with Steady-State Throughput

The Lancaster Products Continuous Batch Processing (CBP) System design offers the accuracy, consistency, and higher yields of batch processing with high production rates of a continuous line.

  • Get the benefits of both continuous and batch processing
  • Consistent throughput
  • increase mix quality and productivity
  • Can be designed with multiple mixers to double output capabilities
  • Parallel lines create redundancy for a continuous output

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The Lancaster Products Difference

Lancaster Products is committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service. As your partner in material mixing, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Quick response times to your inquiries
  • Customer-focused solutions – we take the time to understand your product & process requirements
  • Continued support for process optimizations or to scale solutions as your needs evolve
  • Onsite test lab with dedicated applications engineers to support process & product development
  • Decades of mixing experience with a variety of materials/across various industries

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