Process Plant Optimization Services

Audit and improve the performance of ANY existing materials processing lines

The team at Lancaster Products always welcomes the opportunity to visit with you at your processing plant to fully understand your existing materials processes operation and provide a comprehensive audit with suggested enhancements and clearly defined cost/benefit analyses for suggested upgrades.

Comprehensive Audit & Process Analysis

In our initial audit, our engineers will evaluate your entire operation to thoroughly calculate and document your current performance metrics. We then analyze the data to assess overall Quality, Throughput, Cost and most importantly the Safety of your current processing system. These results are used to identify potential areas of improvement within the mixing and pelletizing process itself and their impact on the overall process line. Lastly, we develop an easy to understand plan that provides a prioritized list of improvements from suggested enhancements to critical requirements.

Our audits can be conducted on ANY materials processing equipment regardless of equipment brands and focus on the four key aspects of your materials processing operation shown below:

Checklist Graphic

Recipe Optimization

  • Yield improvement
  • Process time reduction
  • Liquid and binder reduction

Process Optimization

  • Process redesign for increased efficiency
  • Automation opportunities to eliminate operator variability
  • Overall cost reduction –
    • Reduced cycle times
    • Increased yield
    • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Bottleneck identification and resolution
  • Document best practices
  • Safety review

Controls Upgrades

  • Hardware upgrades and conversions
    • PLC, HMI, SCADA, etc.
  • Identify opportunities for automation upgrades and overhauls

Machine Refurbishment

Cost analyses calculate long term ROI of purchasing new equipment vs. machine updates:

  • Mixers overhauls
  • Tooling replacement
  • Motors upgrades – VFD
  • Gear replacement
  • Grease line replacement
  • Upgrade to auto lubrication system
  • Controls upgrades
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Full Scale Mix Recipe Optimization in Lancaster K4 Mixers

This is the third video in our lab and testing series. The Lancaster Products Lab is equipped with a production-sized K4 mixer to test and optimize mix recipes at full scale. In this video, we are testing a clay type of material for pelletization.

The K4 mixer introduces a third tool, the low-speed plow, which, along with the rotating pan, transports material to the high-speed rotor. You can see how the high shear counter-current movement creates a rolling action which agglomerates the materials into pellets. The K4 mixer has a bottom discharge; the plow allows for the rapid and complete evacuation of the mixing cavity. After the mixer is fully evacuated, the bottom discharge closes, and reseals ready for the next batch.

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Prototype Mix Recipe Optimization in Lancaster K3 Mixers

This is the second video in our lab and testing series. The Lancaster Products lab is equipped with a small production-sized K3 mixer to test and optimize mix recipes at a prototyping scale. In this video, we are testing a clay type of material for pelletization.

Looking inside of the mixing cavity, you see the counter-current mixing action. The pan rotates clockwise, and the high shear mixing tool spins counterclockwise. The mixing pan actively transports material to the primary mixing tool. Slowing the action down gives us a good view of how the Lancaster mixing action creates a tumbling that promotes agglomeration by rolling the particles much the same way as a snowball growing larger by rolling down a hill.

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