Lancaster Products is dedicated to optimizing our customers’ mixing processes and recipes. This 3 part video series will focus on our on-site lab and testing capabilities. In this first video, we demonstrate proof of concept testing with a chicken litter material for a fertilizer product.

We use our K1 lab mixer during these initial tests. We load the K1 mixer with the test material and then program the steps and feeds. After the mixer begins, we add a liquid binder to it to allow the material to agglomerate into granules or larger pellets.

Testing is often an iterative process where we alter steps, individual tool speeds as well as binder amounts, and timing of the addition of the mix to evaluate if it improves the product. Our highly experienced team are experts at quickly honing in on a mixing design that gives our customers their desired product.

We observe the mixing and pelletizing progress by taking samples and visually observing if the batch is approaching the desired specification. Once we think we are within our material target specs, we stop the process and unload the batch. In this application, we will dry and screen to really evaluate how close we are to what the customer is looking for.

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