Lancaster Products has introduced design enhancements to the K-Series High Shear Counter Current Mixer line.  Through our continuous improvement initiatives our engineers identified various areas of design refinement focused on improving our customer’s maintenance experience, reducing manufacturing time and enhancing the mixer’s overall design.  We are featuring our new and enhanced discharge assembly design.

Keyless connections

Lancaster Product engineers created a simple yet elegant solution to improve the discharge valve design by moving from a keyed assembly to a keyless locking device.  The new design is less complex than its predecessor and performs better than the previous discharge style.  The new keyless connection enhances performance over the old design and will be easier to maintain and service.


  • Reduced machining & assembly time
  • Zero backlash as compared to a keyed connection
  • Eliminated keyway stresses and allowed for a reduction in shaft size
  • Reduced maintenance and down time for discharge installation – the infinite adjustment between parts reduces timing adjustments
  • Removed all set screws

Pintle Housing Improvements

Keyless connections were not the only design improvement to the K – mixer discharge valve.  The pintle housing also was redesigned to enhance its manufacturability while making it easier to maintain and service. The design enhancements on the pintle housing will also extend the parts life by protecting sensitive components from debris and reducing wear on bearings.


  • Increased housing size and rigidity
  • Internal porting for greasing or air purging
  • Labyrinth style bearing isolators to protect sensitive components from debris
  • Internal spring loading of bearing assembly – removes the chance for assembly error and properly pre-loads bearing arrangement for increased life
  • Removed all keyed connections (to discharge shaft)


Lancaster Products is dedicated to improving our equipment and providing our customers with the highest quality part enhancements to improve the end user’s  experience.

Contact our us today to inquire about the benefits of retro fitting existing mixers with these newest product enhancements

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