Lancaster Products High Shear Counter-Current Mixers are highly effective in their ability to mix and pelletize in one machine and one process, but Lancaster Mixers are also built to last. Many of our machines are still operating after decades of use.  We continue to supply parts to many vintage year machines still in operation.

High Shear MixerLancaster Products machines are built with a robust construction that provides structural durability and are designed to allow for replacement of wear parts as needed to extend the operational life of our machines instead of total machine replacement.  To our customers this translates to lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher return on investment than other mixers.  With proper maintenance, Lancaster Products mixers are very long-lived machines.

Structural Foundation

The foundation of the longevity of a Lancaster Mixer can be attributed to a heavy-duty structural frame made from heavy wall, square tubing, and A-frame construction.   This design provides for a sturdy machine foundation upon which our mixing energy drives and bearings are mounted, which support the mixing and cleaning components of our mixer—the rotor, plow, pan and side scraper.

Common Wear Parts

While many of the wear parts in a Lancaster Mixer have a long working life to begin with, the ease of replacement and quick availability of many common parts encourages proper maintenance and can extend the operational longevity of a Lancaster Mixer.


As in any mechanical agitating machinery, the main wear parts are the tooling in direct material contact, which in this case are the rotor, blades, plows, and side wall scraper.  These are the most frequently replaced parts; the actual wear of these items depends upon the abrasiveness of the material, the type of optional blade material chosen, and the energy required by the mix.  All of the tooling is designed for quick replacement to reduce machine down time and can be easily replaced by customer maintenance personnel.


Seals are other important parts that should be replaced at regular intervals.  The discharge valve seal requires regular inspection and, if warranted, replacement to prevent material leaking.  The flexible inner pan flap seal around the inside top of the pan is also an easily replaceable item.

The pinion gear driving the pan is made from an advanced self-lubricating nylon and can have a useful life of upwards of 10 years with proper maintenance.

Pan Liners

Pan liners are made from carbon or stainless steel and are bolted to the inside surface of the pan.  Customers should expect that the pan liners replacement intervals exceed 15+ years.


The bearings used in the Lancaster Mixers are off-the-shelf items that are generally available on short notice.  The bearings are designed for long life in the extreme environments in which they may operate.   With proper lubrication following manufacturer guidelines, they generally have a life of over 20 years.  An automatic lubrication system is also available as a mixer option to increase the life of the bearings and ensure proper working conditions.

Contact our engineers today to learn more about the operational live expectancy of our K-Series counter-current rotating pan high shear mixers.