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Mixing Process

Lancaster counter-current mixing action is the most effective mixing technique for consistent uniformity, homogeneity and rapid mix time.


All Lancaster Products Mixers utilize a counter-current mixing action where the pan rotates in a clockwise direction, while the mixing tools rotate counter-clockwise creating a shearing action within the mixing cavity that imparts a tremendous amount of focused energy into the mix.  The powerful combination of multiple mixing tools including the rotating pan, high-speed mixing tool, and the counter-rotating plow effectively eliminate all dead zones in the mixer.

The pan and the plow transport material through the mixing cavity into the path of the high-speed mixing tool ensuring that all particles pass through the high-speed mixing tool every few seconds. The plow and sidewall scraper prevent material build up on the pan bottom and sidewalls, effectively leaving no unswept surfaces where ingredients can lodge. The Lancaster Products Mixer design allows for thorough mixing – without relying on the free fall or tumbling of material. Processing times are greatly reduced compared to most conventional mixers while providing a more homogeneous batch.

In addition to a superior mixing action, Lancaster Mixers can also granulate or pelletize in a single process.  Because the tooling and pan all are independently controlled, at the proper speeds Lancaster’s Counter-Current mixing action can create a rolling action inside the mixing cavity that allows for granulation and pelletization of materials.  The combination of homogeneous mixing and granulation provides for homogenous granules and pellets with the precise amount of ingredients throughout the batch – in one process in a single machine.


Our counter-current mixing action is the most effective mixing technology for rapid and consistent homogeneity of a wide variety of materials.

  • The rotating pan efficiently conveys material to secondary mixing plows and main high-speed mixing tool – all optimally placed to deliver maximum material mixing.
  • Designed to generate increased relative particle velocities – providing countless material exchanges throughout each batch cycle.
  • High-Intensive Mixers add versatility in meeting almost any material mixing challenge by individually adjustable component speeds.
  • Ability to handle powder to slurry mixing applications
Lancaster High Shear Mixer


Lancaster High Shear Mixer

Lancaster Products counter current High Shear Mixers excel in homogenizing, agglomerating, granulating, pelletizing and densifying in a single machine with increased yields, uniform quality and better mixing productivity than traditional mixing technologies.

Our high shear mixers can:

  • Mix and pelletize in one machine and one process
  • Homogenize powdered materials of different densities quicker and more effectively
  • Create homogeneous pellets that consistently deliver precise ingredient formulations
  • Deliver pellet size range tight tolerances and higher yields than possible with most other machinery
  • Alter the pellet size range from batch to batch with no changes to formulation or equipment to create products for different markets

Decades of mixing experience

Lancaster Products combine decades of mixing experience, working across multiple industries, with the finest granulating and pelletizing mixer technology. Lancaster Products Mixers are used with diverse materials such as

  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Building Materials (Grout, Concrete, Clay, Ultra High-Performance Concrete)
  • Many other materials, including:
    • Fertilizers (Mineral and Organic)
    • Waste stream reclamation (Iron Oxide, Dry Scrubber Materials)
    • Carbon Black
    • Refractory
    • Coal Combustion Products
    • Foundry/Molding Sand

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Operational Life Expectancy of Lancaster High-Intensive K-Series Mixers

Lancaster Products High Shear Counter-Current Mixers are highly effective in their ability to mix and pelletize in one machine and one process, but Lancaster Mixers are also built to last. Many of our machines are still operating after decades of use. We continue to supply parts to many vintage year machines still in operation.

High Shear MixerLancaster Products machines are built with a robust construction that provides structural durability and are designed to allow for replacement of wear parts as needed to extend the operational life of our machines instead of total machine replacement. To our customers this translates to lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher return on investment than other mixers. With proper maintenance, Lancaster Products mixers are very long-lived machines.

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Infographic: Lancaster Products Materials Testing Process

materials-testing-process-infographic-thumbnailLancaster Products is dedicated to process and mix design optimization. Whether you are looking to develop a new process/product or improve on an existing process, Lancaster Products can help. From mixing to granulating or pelletizing, our experienced application engineers can design toward many objectives, including: mixing cycle times, binder and minors optimization, homogeneity, particle hardness, moisture and air entrainment, particle size distributions and yields.

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