We are excited to announce the addition of integrated Clean-in-Place systems as an available option for all new Lancaster Mixers.  Customer demand has been high for this feature as more materials processors are expanding their product offerings and running a greater diversity of recipes through our mixers, thus increasing the need for regular, complete cleaning between products.   The ability to automate the cleaning process also helps to satisfy the need to improve efficiencies and counteract recent trends in labor shortages.

The Lancaster Mixer clean-in-place (CIP) system incorporates rotating nozzles permanently mounted in an optimal configuration that allows for 360-degree coverage of the mixing chamber without interfering with normal machine operation such as loading ingredients and discharging processed materials.  High pressure pumps power the system to accomplish complete coverage with average cleaning cycles as short as 5-10 minutes.  The ability to automate the process at pre-determined intervals ensures greater reliability and consistency of cleanliness and maintenance.

The most common method for cleaning Lancaster Mixers without the CIP system is manual power washing by the machine operator or maintenance crew.  While often scheduled for regular cleaning, we have found irregular cleaning intervals are commonplace and influenced by everything from employee shift changes to demands for higher outputs.  But the fact of the matter is that a mixer stopped at regular intervals to be completely cleaned will generate higher outputs than mixers that run continuously with only irregular cleanings.

There are many benefits to transferring machine cleaning duties from the machine operator to the CIP system including the reduction or even elimination of operator errors.  As with any batch mixing process, the cleaner the mixing vessel is between each batch, the greater the purity of the batch.  And in cases where recipes change between products, the need is even greater for eliminating cross-contamination.  Overall, machine reliability increases significantly with the addition of the CIP system due to more consistent maintenance, increased operating up-times, and elimination of product cross contamination.

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