This is the second video in our lab and testing series. The Lancaster Products lab is equipped with a small production-sized K3 mixer to test and optimize mix recipes at a prototyping scale. In this video, we are testing a clay type of material for pelletization.

Looking inside of the mixing cavity, you see the counter-current mixing action. The pan rotates clockwise, and the high shear mixing tool spins counterclockwise. The mixing pan actively transports material to the primary mixing tool. Slowing the action down gives us a good view of how the Lancaster mixing action creates a tumbling that promotes agglomeration by rolling the particles much the same way as a snowball growing larger by rolling down a hill.

Using the K3 mixer allows us to prove that the mix design developed in the K1 mixer works on a scale-up basis and allows us to further optimize the mix recipe for a production environment.

Once the material reaches its target size, it is discharged and then screened to separate by size. The different sized materials are then packaged for transport back to our customer.

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