As part of Lancaster Products’ mission to deliver industry’s most effective and efficient materials processing equipment, we constantly evaluate for areas to improve our equipment design.  While we often hear from machine operators  how well our equipment holds up after decades of use in the most demanding environments, our equipment can benefit greatly from advances in software and technology.  As we work to continually modernize our high shear mixers, the advances in controls technology can improve Lancaster Mixers performance and capabilities.

Lancaster Mixers counter current high shear mixing action provides for rapid homogenization along with the ability to granulate and pelletize within tight tolerances.  Advanced controls design allows for a more accurate and customizable mixing process resulting in improved yields, rapid mix times and improved product reproducibility.

Advanced Controls Optimize Production

New advanced controls capabilities allow customers to dial in exact speeds for individual mixing tools, feeds and mix times to optimize their on-size product yields, reduce mix times, optimize and reduce binder, minors and/or water adds.   In addition, our advanced controls are capable of programmable mix designs and recipe retention.

With upgraded controls users are able to automate mixer functions to ensure consistency as well as reducing operator error and variation from batch to batch.   It also allows for quick change over to produce different products from one batch to another.  This ability to save and modify recipes has significant real-world applications for production facilities that have multiple products to produce.  It is especially valuable in research and development departments that are constantly refining recipes and processes to maximize yields and profits.

Upgrade Controls in Existing Lancaster Mixers

Controls upgrades for mixers already in the field are available to allow current Lancaster Products customers to achieve improved processing efficiencies from their existing Lancaster Mixer.  Coupling new controls with already in-production mixers is a cost-effective way of improving performance without the cost or down time of replacing existing Lancaster Mixers.   As part of its service offerings, Lancaster Products provides Process & Plant Optimization services to review existing production lines and implement improvement ideas.  Controls upgrades, along with mixer refurbishment, process redesign & recipe optimization are parts of a suite of high ROI services that we can provide to enhance our customer’s production.

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