Lancaster Products offers a unique and valuable High Shear Mixer Rental Program for materials processors who are considering the purchase of a high shear mixer to satisfy their production needs.  Rental mixers allow customers to try out the Lancaster Mixer in their own facility to determine if it is the right equipment for the customer needs before making an investment to purchase.  Rental mixers allow for an extended testing period and play a critical role in defining required specifications and fine tuning the process to improve performance for outcomes such as increased yields, reduced mix times, reduction in additives, and overall increases in efficiencies.  Moreover, rental mixers are an excellent, cost effective way to compare results of existing equipment lines against a Lancaster Mixer to determine performance improvements and calculating Return on Investment with real world data.

lancaster-products-high-shear-mixer-rentalsHow does short term rental equipment solve the need for long-term continual processing applications?  The methodology behind the science of materials processing closely follows the scientific method: start with a hypothesis–>test it–>observe and record–>modify–>test–>repeat until the final result is reached.  As a result, the majority of new projects presented to the Engineers at Lancaster Products must be proven in physical testing before they are ready for mass production, which means our involvement goes beyond taking the order for a mixer and manufacturing it to meet the mechanical specifications.  Most projects start with small batch testing in a K1 Mixer at the Lancaster Products testing facility.  This is where theories are proven and formulations are developed.  But, scaling up from small batch processing to large production runs doesn’t necessarily follow a linear scale so additional testing in a production sized mixer is recommended.

To ensure optimal performance we recommend to ramp up testing on a production sized mixer (K4 or larger)  to simulate a in the field production environment.   While Lancaster Products can test at its facility it is even better if these test runs are performed on-site over a period of time so other factors related to the equipment itself such as footprint, size, location, electric and air, etc. can be evaluated as well.  It is during these test runs that unanticipated issues are often flushed out, thus helping in both the proof of concept of the process itself as well as any equipment modifications that may be required to fit the needs of the application.

Lancaster Products offers a variety of equipment rental possibilities.  We have a fleet of mixers in a variety of sizes from K1 (.9 cubic ft. pan) to K5 (40 cubic ft. pan) that is ready for use by any company looking to run sample processing on-site in their own facility.  While we offer rental terms of various duration, most tend to be short term.

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