If you’ve ever watched a flat-screen television or used a smart phone there’s a good chance the glass showing the picture was made by machinery developed and produced by a Lancaster Products high shear mixer in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.


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Lancaster Products designs and manufactures mixers and glass crushers used in glass processing and recycling to meet the ultra-critical specifications demanded by electronics manufacturers.  The materials used to manufacture LCD and OLED  glass must meet very critical specifications including homogeneity of particle size and chemistry in order to demonstrate the properties required for proper functionality as an end product.  The glass used in television sets and cell phones is extremely thin, less than the thickness of a sheet of paper.  Two pieces are used to form LCD (liquid crystal display) and LED (light-emitting diode) screens which are used in cell phones, flat-screen monitors and televisions.

Lancaster Products’ connection to television glass began in 1992, when we were approached to develop a mixer for a new process to make high-precision flat-panel glass for LCD televisions.  Fast forward a few decades and the ‘cell phone revolution’ emerged increasing the demand for flat panel glass in the ever-evolving electronics industry.  As the demand for flat panel  glass took off in the consumer market, Lancaster Products has been at the forefront, producing equipment for the industry.   Curt Snyder, President of Lancaster Products, notes that a vast majority of the world’s thin glass is processed by Lancaster equipment.  “Our mixers and crushers have become a staple for the production of flat panel glass.  It has been a fantastic market and we are gracious to be a vital part of such an important global market”, says Snyder.

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Maintenance Bulletin: Rotor Wear and Replacement in Industrial Mixers

The high-speed rotor is the primary mixing and pelletizing tool in industrial high shear mixers and in many ways, it is the most utilized part of the machine. But rotor wear is also a good leading indicator of your machine’s overall operating condition as it is a direct result of material processing. Chances are, if the rotor is worn, there is other preventative maintenance to be done.

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What Preventative Maintenance Will Prolong the Life of My Mixing Equipment?

Industrial mixers are built to run and withstand a great deal of abuse, however, regular preventive maintenance efforts can help keep your mixer running like new. The two most critical components that can affect the life of your mixer are lubrication and inspection of working tools. Below is an overview of the in-depth information provided in our full maintenance schedule available for download below.


Lubrication: Proper lubrication can encompass multiple areas on your mixer, not just the shaft seals of the mixing tool. Lubrication of all seals as well as drive gears, discharge valves and other locations where bearings are utilized is the best way to extend the life of your mixer. Automated lubrication systems on larger production mixers help maintain proper lubrication intervals, but regular visual inspection should be scheduled to assure the system is working properly.

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