After 70 years as a family business, Kercher Enterprises is pleased to announce new ownership as of April, 2016. Curt Snyder purchased Kercher Industries ( and the Lancaster Products ( brand of high shear mixers. Additionally, he assumes the role of President and CEO. Previous owner, Ed Kercher will remain on staff to share the wealth of knowledge he accumulated since his family started the business in 1946. Current and future customers can expect the same great service and dedication to excellence that has become a trademark of Kercher Industries and Lancaster Products.

curt-snyder-lancaster-productsCurt has served in numerous financial and operational roles over his 20 year professional career including as a management consultant for Accenture and successfully leading Mergers and Acquisitions for companies such as Triumph Group and QuEST Global Services. This experience provided Curt with a good eye for identifying healthy companies with growth potential and an understanding of how to best manage the transition. Kercher Enterprises perfectly fit his search criteria and fulfilled Curt’s goal of owning his own corporation. Says Snyder, “Kercher Enterprises stood out among the other manufacturing companies I looked into, because of the positive impact it has on its customers in delivering value and solutions. Customers come to us every day with new challenges that require our expertise and that keeps me and my employees excited to come to work every day.”

The Lancaster Products brand of high shear mixers and industrial material processing equipment was an attractive selling point in the decision to purchase the company. This extremely versatile niche product line spans across a wide variety of applications, but it is the increasing demand throughout industry to recycle residual by-products that accounts for significant growth potential. Curt plans to make additional investments in equipment, technology and people. Among these initiatives are a renewed focus on sales and marketing which includes the addition of a new lead Sales Engineer, additional sales reps, updated marketing collateral and a new website soon to be launched. “The Lancaster Products brand is a world-class product line, but what makes it special is our staff of knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing personnel. Customers often come to us with raw material and an idea for the final product, we go beyond providing them with the machinery to make this happen, we provide them a scalable solution that enhances their entire process.”

In addition to the Lancaster Products brand, Kercher Industries continues to provide precision CNC machining, engineering, and fabrication on a contract basis to the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond. This dedication to providing turnkey solutions to the manufacturing community combined with a renewed focus on sales and marketing positions Kercher Enterprises for future growth from existing and future markets.

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Proof of Concept Testing in Lancaster K1 Lab Mixers

Lancaster Products is dedicated to optimizing our customers’ mixing processes and recipes. This 3 part video series will focus on our on-site lab and testing capabilities. In this first video, we demonstrate proof of concept testing with a chicken litter material for a fertilizer product.

We use our K1 lab mixer during these initial tests. We load the K1 mixer with the test material and then program the steps and feeds. After the mixer begins, we add a liquid binder to it to allow the material to agglomerate into granules or larger pellets.

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Rotary Table Feeders Turn Batch Processing to Continuous Batch Processing

Rotary table feeders act as a critical piece of equipment in Lancaster Mixers continuous batch processing lines. They provide a mechanical conduit to continuously meter and feed materials from each batch of material processed to the next process in line. The cone and cylinder over the table is used as a surge hopper to temporarily store the material batch while the table feeder continuously discharges the material. Their role may seem simple compared to the processing equipment they’re connected to, but is significant to maintaining continuous throughput and ensuring overall system performance.

Lancaster Products’ high shear mixers process materials in batches which allows for tight control over the physical properties of the end product and thus, higher on-size, homogeneous yields. Most batches are processed completely and ready for discharge in a matter of minutes. By positioning a Lancaster rotary table feeder under the mixer’s discharge chute and feeding product downstream to the next piece of equipment, the batch processing is converted to a continuous process.

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