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These special reports describe the core principles of Lancaster Products’ high shear, counter-current technologies.

Report: Counter-Current Rotating Pan Mixers

Is this a new invention? Most technical books on mixing equipment rarely include this mixer design. Yet, counter-current rotating pan mixers have been serving industrial mixing needs for over half a century. So, how is this mixer different from, and perhaps superior to, other mixer designs?

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Report: Mixing Intensity versus Mixing Time

Mixing is, in the typical industrial context, the intermingling of ingredients to the extent that is acceptable for the final process, with acceptance being defined as suitability for the product’s final usage.  Mix homogeneity greatly affects the product’s qualities or reject rate.

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Report: Mix-granulating with K-series Mixer

Many reasons compel industrial operations to enlarge solid particles for handling. Some objectives may be: enhancing flow properties, recycling, de-dusting, densifying, freezing ingredient distribution, improving mold filling properties, etc.

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Report: Refractory Applications

Refractories are important to high-temperature manufacturing. They are critical to industries such as glass, ceramic, and metallurgy by thermally insulating equipment, thereby protecting personnel and equipment, and saving fuel.

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Report: Ferrite Processing from A Mixing Perspective

Ferrite materials have a dark grey to black color, possess strong magnetic properties and are categorized into Hard and Soft sub-classes. They are classified as ceramics due to their composition being a combination of metallic oxides.

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Operational Life Expectancy of Lancaster High-Intensive K-Series Mixers

Lancaster Products High Shear Counter-Current Mixers are highly effective in their ability to mix and pelletize in one machine and one process, but Lancaster Mixers are also built to last. Many of our machines are still operating after decades of use. We continue to supply parts to many vintage year machines still in operation.

High Shear MixerLancaster Products machines are built with a robust construction that provides structural durability and are designed to allow for replacement of wear parts as needed to extend the operational life of our machines instead of total machine replacement. To our customers this translates to lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher return on investment than other mixers. With proper maintenance, Lancaster Products mixers are very long-lived machines.

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Infographic: Lancaster Products Materials Testing Process

materials-testing-process-infographic-thumbnailLancaster Products is dedicated to process and mix design optimization. Whether you are looking to develop a new process/product or improve on an existing process, Lancaster Products can help. From mixing to granulating or pelletizing, our experienced application engineers can design toward many objectives, including: mixing cycle times, binder and minors optimization, homogeneity, particle hardness, moisture and air entrainment, particle size distributions and yields.

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