Video Gallery

High Shear Counter Current Mixing

This video demonstrates the high shear mixing action, easy cleaning, and quick discharge of the Lancaster K-6 High Intensive Mixer. The high speed rotor is shown interacting with the low torque plow and revolving pan. The counter-rotating pan continually brings material into the path of the rigid, fixed rotating tooling enabling fast and thorough mixing of a wide range of material types and sizes. The operation of the efficient fixed side wall scraper and centrally located rapid discharge valve is also shown in this video. View High Shear Mixers

Brick Machine Operation 24H

This video demonstrates the Lancaster 24H AutoBrik Machine. This machine is a smaller version of the Lancaster 46H AutoBrik machine design. The Lancaster 24H AutoBrik Machine is designed for prototype brick production, special shapes, and small production runs. It offers the same versatility and aesthetically superior molded colonial style brick sought after by architects and designers as our larger machine.  View Brick Machines

Brick Machine Operation 46H

This video displays the operations of the Lancaster 46H AutoBrik Machine. The Lancaster AutoBrik Machine produces a press molded colonial style brick using either sand or water as the releasing agent. This brick has an aesthetic beauty that is highly sought-after by architects and designers. The vertical pressing action and bumper release mechanism can provide unique characteristics in meeting your customer’s needs for a truly superb brick. View Brick Machines

20HP Roll Crusher

This video shows the operation of the Lancaster 24x32 Double Roll Crusher. The Lancaster Double Roll Crushers are used primarily for the crushing of glass, although they will reduce the size of most friable materials. The Lancaster Double Roll Crusher provides controllable size reduction of materials while limiting the percent of fines produced. All materials in contact with the feed stock are made of special alloy wear-resistant materials. The Lancaster Model 24x32 Double Roll Crusher is a ruggedly built, extremely reliable, and well-proven machine. View Roll Crushers

Roll Crusher Test

This short video demonstrates a customer test of the crushing action of the Lancaster 24x32 Double Roll Crusher. The video shows the crushing of glass beverage bottles. Notice the complete and rapid crushing action when a mass of material is introduced into the machine. View Roll Crushers