Lancaster Products Pug Mills simply and economically blend and feed a wide variety of materials and additives.

Lancaster Products Pug Mills are designed to meet your exact job requirements. They are available in a variety of construction materials. Lancaster Products Pug Mills are available in sizes up to 300 ton/hour.

Lancaster Products Pug Mill

How It Works

Lancaster Products Pug Mills are designed for continuous operation. Primary materials are introduced to the charging end of the Lancaster Products Pug Mill. The rotating pug mill shaft and blade assemblies mix the materials as they are transported through the pug mill. Additional liquids or other additives can be introduced during the mixing of the materials through the process. The mixed material is continuously discharged from the exit port of the mixer.


CAD drawing of Pug Mill

Lancaster Products Pug Mills are rigidly constructed of structural and plate steel. The pug mill shafts and blades are made of high strength alloy steels. Wear-resisting blades, replaceable wear resistant liners, and heating jackets are available. Lancaster Pug Mills are designed to meet your specific application needs.


The rotating shafts are available in either single or double shaft configurations. The replaceable mixing blades are available in fixed or variable pitch.  The blades are also available in various shapes and materials of construction and coatings.


  • Single or double shaft models
  • High tensile alloy steel shafts
  • Open or closed end types
  • Round or square bottom troughs with or without covers
  • Blades are offered in a wide selection of designs and alloys
  • Selection of right or left side, or end, or bottom discharge
  • Automatic controls
  • One piece or sectional wear-resisting trough liners


Model Tons Per Hour Cubic Feet per Hour Horsepower Working Length (ft) Working Width (ft)
PM-50 50 3520 10 8.5 2.5
PM-100 100 7040 25 10.5 3
PM-200 200 14080 50 11.5 4
PM-300 300 21120 75 11 5

Notes: Sizing assumes material density of 45 lbs/ft3.
Dimensions and powers shown are approximate and subject to revision.